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Internet Calling Service – BSNL

To counteract the launch of FTTH services by Ambani’s Jio, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the public telecommunications operator, has developed its own portfolio with three new offers to keep existing subscribers and attract new subscribers.

First, the government launched the App Wings, a VoIP internet connection service that will allow users from rural and remote areas make connections to the Internet.The service will be available for subscription with an activation fee of 1099 Rs and will be completely free for the first year.

Secondly, the telephone company has introduced a new pre-paid telephone line, in which subscribers can use the fixed-line network for calls, because they use pre-paid services. Finally, as part of the new BSNL auction, there is also a permanent lease connection for existing subscribers.

In particular, the development of App Wings by BSNL has become possible, when the Telecom Commission, headed by Aruna Sundarajan, approved in May Internet telephony recommendation to allow operators to use a single number for Internet telephony and mobile telephony. Not only that, other telecom operators Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone also began to test these VoWiFi services due to recent changes.

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What’s the Aim Of BSNL ?

Through the new Wings initiative, BSNL is trying to integrate people living in rural and remote areas. Whether the vision of a telecommunications company is using VoIP users in these countries, they will be able to make calls using broadband, Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G internet.

What About Pricing and Subscription ?

Initially, voice and video calls will be free throughout the year; Users will have to pay an activation fee of Rs 1,099. However, video calls will be limited to Wings-to-Wing connections. To make a call, they will have to open the application and call the number from the address book via the application. It is interesting that the application will be configured on a laptop or mobile phone that is a SIP client.

Another service introduced by BSNL was the prepayment fee for using the telephone to existing clients. Subscribers to landline telephony does not include any installation, lease or registration fee for users and can be installed on the client or instrument of the BSNL instrument clip. The customer will only pay for this installation, which will cost only 625 Rs.

The price of a prepaid subscription for this service will start with an Rs 200 plan, which offers unlimited voice calls to any network, including local and STD. BSNL will also issue STV for this STV service, starting as low as Rs 11 and up to 199 Rs. In particular, all STVs will offer unlimited calls to any network in India. Users who want to apply for this service can do so by visiting the BSNL office via SMS or BSNL agents. The supplement will be available on the BSNL website or in retail stores.

Finally, BSNL also announced the introduction of a permanent connection with the rent. They have also been announced that users will be eligible for a 25% discount on rates for calls after 200 MCU and 50% for 500 MCUs for customers of this service.

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