YOU Broadband Offers Google Home Mini With Their Selected Plans


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YOU Broadband under the leadership of Vodafone have presented new and exciting plans for their customers. An internet provider based in Mumbai has joined Google to offer selected broadband access plans with Google Home mini speakers. Those broadband subscribers who choose these plans do not need to buy the speakers separately, but will receive them with their subscription to YOU Broadband. YOU Broadband will compete with ACT Fibernet, which already offers Mini Home Speakers in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi. In the past, YOU also offered Amazon Fire Stick selected plans. This offer, however, applies only to the selected plans listed below.

YOU Broadband has introduced Broadband Mini Plans with speeds of 100 Mbps, 150 Mbps and 200 Mbps. All three plans include the Google Home Mini. Although the 100 Mbps plan is valid for 60 days using data up to 200 GB, the 150 Mbps plan offers 300 GB of data, the validity of the plan is the same – 60 days.

The 100 MB/s plan costs 3558 Rupees, and the 150 MB/s plan is available for 4067 Rupees. Similarly, the Rs 4614 offers a better 200 Mb/s plan with a 90-day validity period and 600 GB data usage.

Google Home Mini was introduced by Google in April this year in India. Since then, the gadget has become very popular. Its features, mostly based on Google Assistant. All you have to do is Ask “Hey Google” to get answers from Google Assistant, start the day, enjoy music or TV shows and control compatible smart home appliances. Google Home Mini in India supports Google Play Music, YouTube, Netflix, Saavn and Gaana. Google also recently highlighted Hindi Language support for its home and small portraits in India.

As already mentioned, the Google Home Mini offer applies only to YOU broadband mini-plans.


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